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Security analysis of tattoo ink

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Sunday 02 November, 2014 Written by tattoodiy
Tattoo ink is the use of tattoo machine, tattoo when implanted under the skin of a paint material, the purpose is to show the effect of the design.In theory, it is not true - it is actually a kind of pigment ink (generally is metal salt or plastic) the same to keep it clean and active solution mixing and become available. 
Some tattoo artist color material, although there are many are buying finished products after deployment.Use their deployment of tattoo ink has the advantage of oneself can clearly know what's in composition, and according to their own need to debug active solution composition (for example, to ensure the safety for inside components), a "home made" active solution consists of a small bottle of vodka (or listerine, etc.) with a small amount of glycerol, propylene glycol mixture (use too much if these ingredients, allocate the pigment would be too flattering and is likely to make the component produces separation), add the dry powder pigment mixing into homemade tattoo ink. 
Other homemade pigment or tattoo ink products commonly used active ingredients including formaldehyde, water, alcohol, antifreeze, hamamelis tincture, etc. - even though the common product ingredient list labeled "disinfectant, asperse essence, glycerin. 
It is important to note that many tattoo ink will be damaged by sunlight, so don't put the pigment is stored in the location near a window, overheating also make pigment changes, so the tattoo pigment can't using autoclave heat disinfection. 
Tattoo ink is controlled and does not require "the FDA granted" products, many components of pigment are approved can be used in cosmetics, food and pharmaceutical equipment (including itch iron, logwood heartwood and titanium dioxide), although there are many is not approved, even so, pigment allergy is also very rare - after all, five million people a year tattoo but almost this type of complication was not disclosed.This means that even if the allergy, experienced a dermatologist can also cure solution. 
Some people think more before using certain OTC (over-the-counter) painkillers to alleviate the pain.However, you should understand the solution to the following information.Acetaminophen (acetaminophen, aspirin, a kind of alternative of antipyretic analgesics) - often use "Tylenol" brand sold widely recommended drugs, and aspirin and ibuprofen, are selection of drugs, but they can inhibit platelet regeneration.In other words, is you will find that after the use of these drugs, wound may be in the "bleeding". 
The abbreviation of EMLA (Eutectic Mixture of Local Anesthetics) is considered to be very good anesthetic effect, and can produce effects on unbroken skin, but it is in the United States by the FDA (food and drug administration) control of drugs.
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