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Relationship between skin lesions and tattoo machine, color and

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Friday 03 July, 2015 Written by tattoodiy
First, the tattoo machine and the color and the correct use of the needle, first we look at the machine.
Of course have a good tattoo machine tattoo artist in terms of is important, but not all tattooists have advanced tattoo machine, then for them should be how to choose their own machine?
My personal recommendation is conducting when we work, to understand what they should do with what effect a machine. We know that the diameter of the speed of the machine and tattoo needles will determine the degree of detail fog. Tapping the power of small and dense single-needle machine with 0.25, the diameter of the pin on the skin can be done repeatedly, from theory, this approach is the most minor injury to the skin. But not easy to make a profound sense, the skin after a good recovery will be relatively gray color. So contrary beat strong force and we use a needle diameter of 0.35 to do the color is relatively heavy. QUICKER more domestic tattoo Normal time pursuing just completed a comparative color, soft and subtle performance but will give us create a false image. As a darker gray in after repeated piercing will feel the visual color is nearly saturated and thus lead us to ignore the color of the skin after a recovery period will be shallow layer. So my personal experience is in the deepest black to gray over time, I would choose the power of larger machines will most black press down. 
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