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Rapid debugging steps and methods of the tattoo machine

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Friday 22 May, 2015 Written by tattoodiy
Many when just learn tattoo beginners, often in the debugging of the tattoo machine doesn't quite understand how to set a good tattoo machine, today, I brought a seven step debugging method of tattoo machine, believe that as long as you have mastered the several steps in the debug tattoo machine should have no problem. 
1, the tattoo machine needles with his left hand, with the index finger against the bottom of the "host", thumbs down "needle fixed button" location. 
2, connect the ac power, jack will join line access tattoo machine. 
3, to the right hand thumb and forefinger "regulate fixed button" to "relax" state. 
4, to the right hand thumb and forefinger pressure regulating knob, regulate the pressure regulating knob at the same time, with his right foot stepping on the pedal switch, start the tattoo machine. 
5, right hand thumb and forefinger, regulate the pressure regulating knob, pay attention to the right hand is not separate or relax the pressure regulating knob, until the tattoo machine to produce the best speed and sound. At the same time to touch the magnetic force of the left thumb belly front-end, needle bar fixed button below. Thumb with his left hand can touch is the largest vibration numbness, itching (to) at this point, the tattoo machine is the best working condition. 
6, in the debug tattoo machine, we need to pay attention to the itinerary tattoo machine, (trip to tattoo machine of magnetic force and magnetic coil spacing) the trip must guarantee a minimum of 2.5 MM. Because such ability ensure the needle enough scale interval, to ensure that the needle can Pierce the skin layer when stretched out, and back again to shrink into the needle stick to pigment. 
7, tattoo machine to the best state, the right foot to separate the "foot switch" - breaking power, tattoo machine in stop state, the right hand thumb And forefinger regulate "regulate fixed button" to the state, locking "press button". 
After completing the above seven steps, restart the tattoo machine, commissioning! Work best! Tattoo machine debugging is completed. Tattoo machine, when using the apparatus of stabilizer, secant using voltage for 9-12 v, coloring or play fog using 12-14 v. 
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