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Q tattoos and tattoo machine related knowledge

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Saturday 29 November, 2014 Written by tattoodiy
With the development, social progress, people with tattoos concept more and more mature, more and more people began to join the ranks of the family in the past tattoos! COOL with one tattoo to highlight their personality charm! Here, as a division of tattoos, tattoo enthusiasts compiled some questions and answers are most concerned about the tattoo, the tattoo you want to make want to find the answers they wanted.
What is the tattoo? What is its principle is that the body will harm it?
A: tattoos, ancient refers to the color of the skin with a needle on the ground floor is the skin pigment sank below the surface, and in the skin to form some pattern or patterns. Refers to pierce the skin and in the wound dressing to make body with permanent paint pattern.
Now it is a lot of people to express individuality, highlighting synonymous taste. A high-quality, beautiful tattoo work, very able to demonstrate this bearer taste. Modern tattoo art tattoo needle is used as a carrier, the tattoo pigment injected into the skin (epidermis above the dermis below), subcutaneous 2MM about location, and the formation of an art form permanent pattern. Tattoo, tattooists use tattoo needle tattoo machine picks up the tattoo pigment driven plotting operations, tattoo needle tattoo machine driven up and down vertically at high speed in order to pin-point line or surface will constitute tattoo piercing the skin color, as is the use of tattoo needles operate tattoo hour will cause some minor skin damage, so there will be tattoo tattoo redness and crusting and molting phenomenon will appear in the next recovery period of about 3 to 10 days in.
Tattoo pigment tattoo dedicated pigment, usually plant pigment, is non-toxic and harmless to the human body with tattoos now increasingly sophisticated products, basically desired color tattoos have to do there.
Tattoos today can draw a very complex and realistic image of the pattern, like painting. Tattoo is a high-tech process, due to the different techniques tattooists operation, so the effect is not consistent with the production of the tattoo. Tattoo artist must have a certain basis of combining the right tattoo painting techniques, in order to make delicate, vivid, colorful, long-lasting effect of the tattoo, so the tattoo artist's ability is not the same. So you want to carefully choose your tattoo tattoo artist.
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