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Professional Tattoo Kits For Wholesale- Give You The Safest Tatt

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Friday 01 August, 2014 Written by tattoodiy
For an skilled tattoo artists, a professional tattoo kits is the best choice for them. I have ever thought that what is the difference between the professional tattoo kits and the starter tattoo kits, what is the advantage of profesional tattoo kits. Well, only a small valued message come in my mind. Who knows it? 
As all of us knows, the starter tattoo kits are typically expect to include one tattoo machine, the quality of the unit varies with the kit pricing. Variable power supply unit to operate the tattoo machine (Make sure a foot operation switch and clip cord are included). A set of inks and caps, disposable tubing, sterile tattoo needles,antiseptic wash (brands vary, but Green Soap is popular), flash art, CD, practice "skin", company catalog for ordering further supplies. A starter tattoo kit have CD to teach you how to do tattoo yourself. The practice skin for you to pratice using the tattoo machine proficiently. 
However the professional tattoo kits will generally include two tattoo machines, one for lining and the other is for shading. What’s more, a larger supply of needles and tubing, a larger selection of inks, ink cups, and a holder should be included. Stencil paper for transferring tattoo design to skin, antiseptic supplies, plus various bandage, gauze, gloves and some aftercare tattoos should be included. You may say that the professional tattoo kits are similar with the starter tattoo kits. Yes, it is similar. The biggest difference you will see with the professional kits is the inclusion of an autoclave with sterilization pouches and an ultrasonic unit. Both of these items are indispensable for sterilizing all reusable tattoo machinery and supplies between customers. 
So, a professional tattoo kit always give you more safe. Well for the beginners, you’d better use the starter tattoo kits. It is more easier for you to handle the tattoo machine. 
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