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Professional Tattoo Kits --- City may get its 3rd tattoo parlor

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Wednesday 30 July, 2014 Written by tattoodiy

A New Town shop needs special approvals. A local company is asking the city for permission to open up a New Town tattoo parlor, six years after Key West ended its longtime ban on the business of permanent inking. Venomis Ink Tattoo wants to open up at 1970 N. Roosevelt Blvd., inside the same building Liquid 8 Pawn plans to move into from its Truman Avenue location, according to its Planning Board application filed at City Hall. Pawn shops fall under retail zoning laws in Key West. But tattoo parlors require special permission since the 2007 law ushered in the industry after the Navy-inspired 1966 prohibition installed as a health precaution at a time when 10,000 sailors roamed the port city. If granted permission from the city, Venomis would become the area's fifth licensed tattoo parlor, joining two on Duval Street and two on Stock Island. But within the city limits, Key West proper, it would become the third tattoo spot. A legal tattoo shop now must have license, the envioronment should be clean and sterile, especially the tattoo kits and tattoo machine equipments. What’s more, have a clear cules for the tattoo, make customers feel comfortable and worth of their money. Venomis' owners believe there is room in Key West for another tattoo shop. "In the private sector people either think there's still a market share or they think they can do it better," said urban planner Owen Trepanier, who represents the applicant. The building, vacant since 2008, formerly housed Conchy Joe's restaurant and tackle shop, and is smack in the middle of the state's ongoing road reconstruction of the boulevard. In 2007, the city settled a lawsuit that allowed for two tattoo shops to open on Duval Street: Southernmost Tattoo and Paradise Tattoo, which is only several doors away. Paradise has been tattooing in the area for 23 years, starting out on Stock Island outside the city limits. Deciding it couldn't legally bar what the state allows, city leaders wrote a tattoo ordinance that limited the number of parlors in Old Town to two.

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