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Problems of tattoo machine

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Tuesday 05 November, 2013 Written by tattoodiy

After assemble the whole tattoo machine together and ready to use: turn on the power, push the foot pedal, but nothing happens. Your zeal will turn down and begin to blame the machine and power. Actually, such problem is quite simple, they are some reasons below.

1 Clip cord
it is the problem that can not make a proper connection. 3 reasons may lead to this: one is One cause is when the clip cord contacts are not flush while it is connecting with the back binding post or back spring of the tattoo machine. This can be fixed by filing down the clip cord connectors so that the ends are flat. Second is if you have a clip cord that has a rubber sheath that extends out to the connectors, the sheath may be sticking out and physically preventing the connectors from completing an electrical circuit. Using a pair of scissors and cutting back the rubber sheath to fix, so the clip cord connectors are fully exposed. The last one is a shot clip cord, Unscrew the mono plug housing that plugs into the power supply. There are two wires that connect into the mono plug. If the exposed copper ends of the wires are touching, they are shorting and you will need to physically separate them. If any of the wires are not connected to the mono plug, your clip cord is screwed. If you have a soldering gun, you can reconnect it. If you do not, you will have to replace the clip cord.

2 Foot Pedal.
There are two problems relating this. One is the clip cord mono plug disconnect. Before to solve the problem, you should check the problem firstly, do as same as clip cord do.Unscrew the mono plug housing, check the wires. If they are touching, separate them, if one of them are not connected, solder or replace. If you have one of those flat metal foot pedals, a common problem is a broken spring inside. The foot pedal works by completing a circuit between two connectors when you press down on it. If the spring is broken, it is either blocking the connection or causing it to short. Some of these metal foot pedals can be unscrewed and the spring can be put back into place or replaced. Most however are factory sealed and riveted so putting it back together is quite a challenge. It may be more efficient to just buy a new one.

3 Needles are Chewing up the Skin
This is a tough one as it may simply boil down to lack of experience working with your needle depth.Two possible causes is your armature bar/springs assembly is crooked or your frame geometry is messed up.

4 Coils
Those cylinders in the middle of your tattoo machine are the coils. They have a significant role in the electromagnetic field created by your tattoo machine. These coils can go bad and require replacement. This is another reason the tattoo machine might quit in the middle of a tattoo. Keep some extra coils on hand for an easy repair and solution to this problem.

5 Armature
The armature bar bounces the needle up and down. This bar can become jammed or be situated against the coil so that the coil no longer moves the needle. Loosen the contact screw on the top of the machine, and reposition the needle and armature so that it works properly. Test it out before continuing to tattoo.

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