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Precautions on using the tattoo ink

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Saturday 14 December, 2013 Written by tattoodiy

For the today’s young people , there is no right of wrong for them to tattoo on the skin. Because nowadays the tattoo has becoming a trend,which could display personality and persue fashion for them. But i have to remind every young friend of the safety of the tattoo. We all know that the tattoo apply the needle with tattoo ink piercing into the skin. Actually the quality of the tattoo ink decide the good or bad of the images. And also it has a close relationship with your health. After all the tattoo ink will accompany you whole life. I think knowing the tattoo ink is necessary for you.

The composition of the tattoo ink

There is two main composition of the tattoo ink, that is color base and additives. And color base refers to those pigment work to color the skin. And the additives refers to water, glycerin and alcohol, these substance used for disinfection, dispersion and so on. Mainly sells in the markets are chemical pigment, which price is relatively lower than the others. But the plant pigment is safe but have a higher price. So for you when you want to have a tattoo, had better choose the plant pigment do not too care about the price. After all there is nothing more important than the health.

The use of the different tattoo ink

Even though there is lots of color in the tattoo pigment. But they also have different use for tattoo. For the black one, the tattooist often use it to line. Because black is more clear and draw the outline of the tattoo image. The pigment use for shader is more colorful than line. The kind of the color is vary with the image’ demands. The more common is the red, green and yellow.

Many people worry about the safety of the tattoo ink, but until now there no happen serious disaster. When you have a tattoo you should choose a right tattoo shop,where have long time open experience. Those shops are reliable and tattooist could guarantee your safe.

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