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Plug in a Tattoo Power Supply for Your Tattoo Machine

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Wednesday 19 November, 2014 Written by tattoodiy
To give a tattoo on the body, undoubtedly tattoo machines are the initial essential assistants. And having a tattoo power supply to give power to get your machines run is worthy of consideration as well. When tattooing, tattoo artists want to take control of how fast the sterilized tattoo needles moving back and forth in the skin. A proper speed of that will do something to relief the pain of their clients. A  tattoo power supply  is the device that enables them to do so.  
So you should know how to plug in a tattoo power supply at first.  
The first thing is to gather information. Take good advantage of anything that can help you gain knowledge, such as the Internet, your local library, a professional tattoo artist nearby etc. you should get to know the components of a machine power supply to solve the problem about how it affects the throw and speed of tattoo machines.  
Then take a close look at your  tattoo power supply . You can see two jacks on its front, one for foot pedal and the other for connecting to tattoo machine. The power cord is on the back. When start working, remember to put it in a well sterilized environment. 
 After the foot pedal is placed on the floor close to your tattoo chair, straighten its cord to plug the opposite end into the tattoo power supply and make the cords lay flat on the ground. If you feel it easily to be tripped by the cord, you may move the machine power supply closer to the edge of the workstation. Just make sure it won't be an obstacle for your tattooing process.  
 Now plug the cylindrical end of the clip cord into the machine power supply to connect the opposite end where the cord is divided into two branches. Then find the binding posts on the back of your tattoo machine, around which, the curved metal sections will be hooked. The last thing is to insert its power cord into a wall outlet.   
For the sake of safety, you should make some tests for that. Hold the tattoo machine in one hand and press down on the pedal with one foot at the same time. If your tattoo machine begin to hum and the needles inside start to move back and forth, then you're get your  tattoo power supply  properly plugged in.  
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