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Petroleum jelly for tattoo ink color toner

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Saturday 25 July, 2015 Written by tattoodiy
Vaseline main purpose is in the process of profile thorn can make tattoo ink, the color will be sufficient, and reduce the destructive helps to reduce skin friction force, is not mixed with tattoo ink used! 
Mixed with tattoo ink inside is a name - tattoo ink color toner this product used in tattoo ink color, make the pigment is bright luster, and in the process of tattoo ink is not easy to hardening. Some paint itself has to add, does not have to add, unless they use paint is easy to set! Tattoos black and no dilution deployment, basically see the habits of their own use, are generally not tuned into three kinds of thickness, in a foreign country I've ever seen tuned into also has dozens of thickness, but I personally recommend three kinds of thickness should be enough! Use color adjustable light shoulds not be diluted, should use white to adjust light! 
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