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Perfect use of tattoo machine

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Friday 26 December, 2014 Written by tattoodiy
Tattoo artist by tattoo ink into a person's skin to draw tattoos. They use the shape (and sound) and the drill Similar electric tattoo machine for the job. Electric tattoo machine has the following several basic components: a Sterilize the needle, a pipeline system, used to ink absorption into the foot machine, motor, similar to the sewing machine Board, is used to control the vertical movement of the needle. Move up and down the machine drives the solid needle, 50-3000 per second Time frequency on the skin of piercings, tattoos, needle around a millimetre per needles into the skin, and injected into a drop of insoluble Ink, the ink stays in the dermis, which is the second floor of the skin, dermal cells than thin skin The cell is much more stable, so the tattoo ink to persist, will only a little faded in his long life Color and color, thus removing up more difficult. 
Adjust the tattoo machine needle length should be cautious, because the needle length decision line thicknesses. Under normal circumstances Should avoid too long to adjust: 
1. The needle is too shallow, pigment can dissolve in the blood and diffusion, commonly known as the "muddy ". 
2. under the needle is too deep, easy to damage the dermis, causing scar body, therefore, we suggest that the grain Under the body machine needle depth should be within 1 mm. Secant Angle should not be more than 20 ℃, because if the Angle is too Big, needle prone to line open the situation is, and the needle Angle and vertical is the most easily color of the skin. Should be paid attention to when using the secant transfer way, the order of the secant, should according to the "bottom-up, by Right to left "in order to complete, because doing so is not easy to lead to scratch the transfer printing design situations.
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