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Pay attention to the items when tattoo lining

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Friday 02 May, 2014 Written by tattoodiy

Lining is one of the important link of the tattoo, tattoo on liner must pay attention to the following items:
First of all, before the  liner attention should be paid to tattoo equipment disinfection, must use the disposable use needle, lest cause cross infection, bring unnecessary pain to the guest, must use professional  linermachine, the magnitude of the tattoo artist use to smooth uniform, so lines of work line would gently beautiful clear, won't appear the phenomenon of bolt, for the next step coloring and fog laid a good foundation.
Second,  liner attention should be paid to the  liner machine adjustment is appropriate, don't put the gear is too high, the elasticity of the shrapnel wants downy, the force of the needle should be is a little taller than playing the magnitude of the fog. This will reduce the skin damage degree. This link is crucial for the tattoo artist. Requires the artist to have rich experience. Also need to guests, guests in the process of  liner relax body and mind, can't touch, so cut the line body would fit perfectly, does not affect the tattoo art effect.
Third,  liner and suspension needle and buried the two kinds, the general Japanese tattoo is buried acupuncture, because Japanese tattoo requires bold lines, color bright, mostly in the form of color piece accumulation to express the theme, and Europe and the United States tattoo technique is to use pin type suspension technique, European American tattoo has the characteristics of honesty, is not very sharp colour contrast, colour need to transition, so the stitch. But whether Japanese buried stitch or European suspension stitch, the requirement to the tattoo artist in the process of  liner is extremely high, asked the artist had the strength of the size of the drive, the depth of the needle should be appropriate, whether the principal can affect the performance of the work finally effect.
Therefore, if you want to create a good elaborate tattoos, requests the tattoo artist must  liner fluctuation kongfu, do fine stitch, strength is appropriate, splended consciousness (consider tattoo restored after effect), only in this way can create a good tattoo.


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