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Origin and works tattoo machine

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Thursday 27 November, 2014 Written by tattoodiy
The origin of tattoo machines, tattoo called early tattoos, because it was part of the manual operation of piercing the skin color, pattern color restoration after a good showing mostly blue, hence the name tattoos, Sam * Orillia in 1892 invention of electric tattoo machine equipment, Since entering the rapid development of modern tattoo, only a little bit of a slight pain, but its fast, simple tattoo a few minutes just fine.
Early tattoo machine equipment rough, mostly handmade, hand-made high-cost, single pattern, then the electric tattoo machine beats 1,000 times per minute, only been stabbed and skin epidermis, depth of only 0.8-1 mm. Today, tattoo machine manufacturer has reached a pinnacle point, the electric tattoo machine beats 3,000 times per minute, large-scale production and processing have made tattoo machine low price, number of employees worldwide tattooists also will continue to increase.
Tattoo machine through the middle of the regulator, transformer, the external access to 220V AC into DC voltage between 3-20V and 3-20V DC in depressed momentary coil between the two main points of EFI suck, spray effect, with reciprocating spring leaf tattoo machine, tattoo needle produces high-speed driving up and down, back and forth motion. Such works have the biggest benefit is that because without motors, motor driven, without regard to the motor, the motor power consumption, it is possible to produce high-speed, high torque. Work fast and uniform tattoo needle puncture skin, tattoo pigment in the basal layer of the epidermis implanted so Everlasting pigment in the epidermis, the formation of various pigment combinations of exquisite designs and text, to modify the skin, covering the role of epidermal scar .
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