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Novice how to debug a tattoo machine

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Wednesday 22 October, 2014 Written by tattoodiy
A tattoo machine to get the hand, can let us to adjust only the following links: before the shrapnel, spacing, shrapnel, after contact screw, shock absorption, the position of the coil, a rubber band, armature.And coil, iron core, frame, capacitance basically we can't move.
All adjustments around two factors - frequency and power, I will be in the following will be one of the regular moments. 
Before the shrapnel: length width thickness soft hard and bending Angle will affect the frequency and power of the machine.Long, narrow, thin, soft, low bend Angle will slow down, let the machine frequency power.Conversely frequency faster, smaller power.
Damping ring: thick hard and soft, thin, soft to slow frequency, power.And vice versa.Damping ring is actually an extension of the former shrapnel, good shrapnel can even don't damping ring before, as before the power to the maximum value of shrapnel, the biggest strength.
Contact screw: the location of the contact point is near the tip of the former shrapnel, the slower the frequency, the greater the power, and vice versa.Contact the more tightly on the screw strength is smaller, the faster the frequency.Advice contact screw, as far as possible light touch shrapnel, at most backspin again one to two laps, shrapnel can play the biggest power.
After the shrapnel: size and bending Angle will affect the hard and soft machine frequency, power, and the length of the needle.Narrow, thin, soft will slow down, let the machine frequency power.Conversely frequency faster, smaller power.Bending Angle of the needle, the longer the greater the power machine, the greater the frequency of the slower, and vice versa.
After spacing: refers to the machine in the back seat and the distance of the armature, this distance is to change the length of the shrapnel, actually can be done in several ways, adjust the length of the armature, the size of the shell plate, after promptly moved forward, and it can change after spacing.After a distance, the greater the power, the greater the frequency, the more slowly, and vice versa.
Coil position: the front circle the top (near the needle that coil) the greater the power, the greater the distance between the coil before and after the greater the power.Suggested coil after front circle as far as possible, don't move.
Keeper: material, weight, length of armature the heavier the longer the armature, the greater the power, the slower frequency.Material aspects, temporarily I only know that the better magnetic armature, the better.
Rubber band: use less as far as possible, as long as can control needle of beating, the right way can reduce the loading needle, so you just need one or two root rubber bands.
General color, totem need machine under the condition of strength, frequency, black and white and traditional sketch
Need the machine power is small, fast frequency.You suitable machine can be adjusted according to the above rules.
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