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Need to know before tattoo safety knowledge

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Friday 26 December, 2014 Written by tattoodiy
1. Remember to look for the clean tattoo parlors, not tattoo artist as long as put on the gloves, the tattoo shop clean enough. Tattoo artist must follow the professional ethics to do comprehensive protective measures. This means that any equipment or tool surface, can directly contact to tattoo artist's hands and the area, all tattoo tools must be used up or lost. 2. The detergent bottles, tattoo machine, cancel, workbench plastic surface, tattoo the surrounding area, should be in plastic bags. The needle and the pigment must be disposable. The needle to the medical level disinfection sterilization machine. 
3. Please make sure that getting enough sleep before tattoo, and eat the belly to maintain good mental state. Feel sick or ill have tattoo is not recommended. 
4. Do not excessive drinking, drinking to excess will not alleviate the pain, but back to encourage bleeding profile thorn process. 
5. Mentality is correct, to determine the physical and emotional state is very good to do tattoos, relax yourself into the situation, in this way can we enjoy the process of the tattoo! 
6. Treatment (injections) or faint at the sight of puppy blood symptoms such as best tell the artist in advance, because the people who have these symptoms usually grain is also can appear similar situation, but don't worry too much in the prepared cases, generally. 
7. Work with tattoo artist, most people are pretty sure they were doing what kind of tattoo, but tattoo artist can where you thought, moderate to join personal style. Don't be afraid to suggest modify tattoo artist, but for the tattoo artist may be raised, you have to keep an open attitude, so that make to tattoo will look better 
8. The last is best not to wear light color new pajamas to tattoo, because the tattoo is likely to be in the process of non-ferrous material splash on the clothes, and tattoo pigment is not easy to clean, so suggest wear a dark suit. 
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