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Motor tattoo machine benefits and tips

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Saturday 11 October, 2014 Written by tattoodiy
I have to start from the first dragonhawk motor machine to now use all dragonhawk motor machine, there are already three years time. Has been studying and pondering, until yesterday, considered basic summed up some rules and tips, now for everyone to share. 
Benefits motor tattoo machine would not have me to elaborate. Light weight, big power, no noise, ultra-stable, easy to adjust, good to use, are our reasons for choosing motor machines. 
But we can not immediately be able to start and skilled use of it what they want to show, there are always some not accustomed to, but sometimes not easily use them. This is because different sports machine motor coil machine, the performance is not exactly the same. 
Piercing machine and lift motor speed and strength are the same, and there is no shrapnel coil machine soft, giving the impression that hard, touched on the color of the skin does not give way, color feel very rigid, very bad transition , to stab a uniform matte is very difficult. 
After such a long period of research and try, especially after this year's motor machines all use the sun, feel better and better, and yesterday considered a node can already easily control and express any feeling you want. 
Here are some rules and tips: 
Thorn texture changes fog, some as long needle, basically 4-5 mm, voltage controlled at about 7 volts, if your hands move slowly, some voltage can be smaller, so that the frequency will be very slow, so that the skin lesions will be very small, suitable for repeated tattoo create a variety of textures, you want to stab stab shallow depth can be controlled by hand, heavy color can bury the needle, needle hanging light can be very easy and convenient. Small lesions can get beyond your imagination, I did spend a few days before the arm, or even a day or two spines over the previous matte place to continue to add weight colors. 
Thorn uniform fog, the needle is critical, the need to control between 2-3 mm. The sun motor machine I use now, generally travel at about 5 mm, and this time we will need to install needle needle needle back into the mouth, when the piercing needle exposed needle tip is about 2-3 mm, this thorn fog up uniformity of the surface it is easy. Because the needle is too long, the motor machine does not give way, the process of moving, the needle will push the skin, so it is very difficult to control. But not the needle is too short, because that is not good color, easy to skin lesions. Here you can change the voltage according to the needs of small lesions voltage relatively small but slow; voltage and high speed but not for repeatedly stabbed, poor control of the lesions of. 
Thorn saturation fog (heavy color or totem), the needle can be controlled at 3-4 mm, voltage control at 7-9 volts, the same as needed to adjust the voltage low frequency slow small lesions, voltage and high frequency Rapid fast. 
Secant, buried acupuncture needle 1-3 mm, depending on the size of the needle adjustment; acupuncture needle hanging on random, and 3-4 mm into the ink well. Voltage can be a little higher, 8-10 volts can be, according to the regulation of the movement speed of their hands.
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