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Master your tattoo machine handles

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Sunday 26 October, 2014 Written by tattoodiy
Correctly hold machine can improve the efficiency of tattoo machine work.All needle mouth, handle and connecting rod should be stainless steel, stainless steel handle all are complete and have knurling.Knurling is the mechanical processing industry terminology, it is should be on the handle.Metal knurled handle is better than the plastic handle, when hold type plastic handle, hand seems to be sticking to the same, hand can't flexible operate machinery.Metal knurled provides a fixed grip strength, increase the weight of the machine, let the machine have qualitative feeling more in hand, more easy to operate.
Tattoo machine hold is like holding a pencil or pen gesture, but slightly different.
When the first hold a tattoo machine, will feel he has a certain weight, some people say that they are very heavy.Don't puzzled by this claim, because use for a period of time you will feel very natural, the muscles of the hand will gradually adapt to the work of the machine.Tattoo need time, especially the large pieces of tattoo, need a few more hours to manipulate these machines, not a lot of time to rest.This requires you to exercise the muscles of the hand, this will hand cramps or sore.Before beginning to become a tattoo artist, will practice as much as possible with machine.Try our best to constantly hold machine and practice into the air.You can watch TV, chat or do other things came for this exercise.Every night for a couple of hours soon appear muscle exercise will make your hands.
Some tattoo artist like heavy machine, others prefer more light, this is why some manufacturers provide light machine.But you should remember is any machine, no matter how heavy is a began to feel, in the end will be used to it.From a long-term point of view, you will feel it is very convenient to use, work status is also stable.Tattoo machine in the use of vibration will make you feel tired soon.At this time the weight of the machine will usually act as shock absorbers.The heavier handle, it will absorb more energy, passed to your vibration is smaller.This tattoo machine work more stable and not easy to shiver, this is the place where the tattoo machine structure is more wonderful.You should keep in mind that the weight of the machine can be change according to your preferences, and by changing the handle of the model can change the weight of the tattoo machine.
Hold the machine and use hook wire to practice painting.When hooked wire hanging at the back of the machine, can bring resistance movement of tattoo machine, which is different from writing the strange feeling.Get used to that feeling and aimed at the position often practice.
Tattoo hands on the skin, like writing, hand shake hands handle gesture like a pen, naturally in the back or other parts of the machine.The palm of your hand on the base of the skin or the work, this is a stable position, palms down first, and then the machine, the palm of your hand can be a strong point.
As a fulcrum, with the palm machine move around in the skin.By rotating on palm fulcrum, the machine is easy to should position.Sometimes your palm and little finger rub some medical vaseline, makes the palm of your hand between the skin and reduce friction.Doing so will make the palm on the skin move more easily.Note do not besmear too much and cause slipping and sliding.
The palm fulcrum for tattoo provides a solid foundation, but also needs to practice much perfect, he will make his hands remained stable, credible route for you.
Prior to the handle system disinfection, will be assembled with a clean paper machine in a piece of paper.This process in each tattoo (disinfection, install the needle mouth, and machines) have to do before.
The key is to definitely familiar with correct installation process, when every time you install the handle and needle system are focused.From a tattoo equipment dealer new machine should be installed correctly, but handle no disinfection system.They still need to dismantle and disinfection.Should take a closer look at them and learn the right way to install the machine.Start to buy two machines is a good idea, so that a can be installed by manufacturer, the other is not need to install the good.When you forget how to put them together, and the machine has been installed also is a good guide.
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