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Knowledge and use of tattoo ink

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Saturday 22 November, 2014 Written by tattoodiy
Tattoo supplies including pigments, alcohol, lot, disinfection, soap, etc.Is the main material of tattoo ink, fuel for the import of pure plant do not contain fluorescent agent tattoo special paint, its high stability and not easy to fade, and harmless to the human body.Black, blue, red and green is the color of the tattoo using frequency, professional tattoo artist advice, the Oriental colour, yellow with black or blue advisable, monochromatic effect better, other colors on the skin can't effective performance, instead of a single black seem to be able to bear or endure look have personalities, and less faded, and the color on the grain after actually cannot be changed to black.Alcohol, cotton swabs, disinfectant soap are mainly used for disinfection, and lemonade was conducted in grain after daub, protect the tattoo.
Electric tattoo machine is by using the principle of the siphon automatic drain during the process of tattoo ink, needles, 3 one needle, 5 needles, 8 needles, 16, 24, 32, ridge is the thickness of the number of needles, color depth, the action of speed, the depth of the needle into the skin.Different needle lines out of line thicknesses, to Pierce the skin depth is also different.Main tools of modern tattoo is mainly electric tattoo machine, its frequency is very high, the speed of the grain thorn also soon.Those tattoos endured the pain of relatively small.
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