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Knowledge, allergic reactions, and the difference between tattoo

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Friday 05 December, 2014 Written by tattoodiy
Tattoo ink is used to make the tattoo means a variety of colors. Strictly speaking, the tattoo ink is not only used by the tattoo pigment. Its tone and color pigment and reactive solution by some blend. Tattoo ink is generally considered to be dyed with plant-based, but in reality is not. Until now, the type of tattoo ink pigment has covered the original ore pigments, modern industrial organic pigments, pigment plant and some small part of Plastic pigments. These tattoo pigment can be manufactured a variety of colors required. A very important role in the activity of the solution is that in addition to killing toxins insoluble pigment, and may make it more uniform mixing in the. It also makes it easier to use when you apply.
 In general, side effects usually presents tattoo allergy symptoms, scars, light damage (ie exposure to adverse reactions in the sun) and some other undesirable effects. Plastic pigment is a kind of strong irritant coloring pigment, but confirmed that there will be no adverse reaction. This pigment has a luminous effect, to prevent ultraviolet light. It also has a higher risk, although to some extent, it is relatively safe, but it also contains some of the side effects of radiation or other substances.
 Tattoo ink selection is very important, because tattoos are permanent, easy to remove, you must think carefully before tattoos. The right choice is particularly important ink. If it is not recommended if the physical scars tattoo, even with better machines and tattoo pigment can not guarantee whether the grain out of the effect can be satisfied, but once damaged skin physical scars difficult to heal.
Most tattoo inks technically not ink. They are suspended by mixing in a reactive dye solution formed. In contrast with ordinary knowledge, these pigments are not vegetable dyes. Today's color is fundamentally a metal salt. However, there are some pigments are made of plastic or vegetable dyes. Pigments can provide a variety of colors for tattoos. The object of the active solution is to eliminate the side effects of suspended pigment, and which can ensure uniform mixing, while the ink is more easily deposited.
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