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I know the tattoo needle classification, the hope can help you (

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Saturday 14 March, 2015 Written by tattoodiy
Introduces three kinds of tattoo needle yesterday, today to introduce the Flat Shader Needles 
Flat Shader Needles is the arrangement of the needle, generally can be divided into single row, double row, fork platoon three. 
1. The single Flat Shader Needles: this also has a sharp needle type has a blunt needle, brands are usually blunt needle, then some brand start sharp Needles. Also some brands in order to increase the needle distance, arranging needle made widely spaced intervals. 
Because the needle type it is the arrangement of landscape, Pierce is relatively easy, especially sharp needles for single row, widely spaced more good sting. But because it is good, just need careful, for beginners to use inappropriate cause skin lesions and hyperplasia. Skin is the main reason of the technique is not correct, row needles can discoidal repeat lines, because that would like a knife will be delimited on the skin, is best way, horizontal pushing repeated tries not to let the needle point, no such lesions will reduce a lot. Hyperplasia because it sharp, make it easy to deep, hyperplasia caused by nature. 
This article thorn needle type suitable for a few color, many color master artist with wide from the single sharp? The needle? Colour, (this content in brackets to ignore, because baidu insane) because it is easy to Pierce, the thickness of the color is in place. I tried once, feeling is very good. Can also be used to do some special performance, such as long, flowing hair, totem, the edge of the use of a single vertical instead, profile thorn but it is to stand, just need to pay attention to very much, can't repeat many times. 
2. Double row Flat Shader Needles: this pin type are usually blunt needle, belong to the old type needle. Is from the hand this needle evolution, because the hand needle is strapping, and row needles can bundle like this. Heard that day (baidu) disease of the lashing out three rows, four row hand needle. Every time the benefits of this kind of needle is pierced area is large, but a lot of disadvantage: stitch is lesser, Pierce close, difficult to dye, so need to be repeated lines, nature is easy to skin. Hand needle because of the larger efforts, the frequency is very slow, so the needle is in good condition. But the machine use, excellent performance, has been eliminated. 
3. The fork row of Flat Shader Needles: also called cross double row needle, the needle was improved according to the single needle and double row, is a combination of both, with all the advantages of both. It stitch, stained with pigment amount is large, it is easier to Pierce, Pierce area is big, skin lesions is small, is the most widely applicable scope needle type. 
It also has a sharp blunt needle and the distinction between the flat and curved. 
Flat fork needle is pointer pointed flush, the needle type in the pin number many, such as more than 9 needle, when Pierce the skin to produce a phenomenon, that is on both sides of the pin is penetrated deeper, Pierce in the middle of the shallow, especially stab stab plate in a large area of the fog will find it hard to evenly. The causes of this phenomenon is that when pressed, because the skin produces downward bending. The flat needle shape, suitable for texture don't need a uniform mist, and a small area of the color, good at using words, it can sting out than single Angle of needle more elegant hair. 
Arc cross compound needle is an arc array pointer, the arc just to comply with the surface of the skin bending down, so you can stab depth is consistent with the mist. Curved needle plate in a large area of the fog, appropriate levels transition, general lines can be competent. 
Now I generally will fork fork and row 5 needles with flat cable line 7 needle, fork to 39 row 9 needle is used arc. Such a small area of the texture model can use a small needle, widespread mist side with big row needles. 
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