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I know the tattoo needle classification, the hope can help you (

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Friday 13 March, 2015 Written by tattoodiy
First said that I know the classification of the tattoo needles: blunt needle, sharp needle, Round needle,flat shader needle. 
A. blunt needle is relatively more blunt needle tip Angle, usually about 20-30 degrees, trendy is piled into skin, stabbed in A relatively difficult, but the needle point colors more saturated, larger, more appropriate totem and color; 
B. sharp needle is the Angle of the needle tip is relatively sharp, generally is about 5-15 degrees, because it is very sharp, Pierce is relatively easy, small needle point, mist is very exquisite, suit to do drawings and traditional black and white. 
C. round pin pointer arranged in a circular, general component is loose and round in circles round needle; 
: 1. Loose circle needle is usually blunt the needle, the needle type by hand the evolution to come over, convenient for banding. Needle and needle spacing is small, with the amount of pigment is lesser, Pierce is difficult, coloring slower, relatively speaking, easy to skin. Suitable for thick line of secant or colored, the details of the small area is best done with a fog machine, because a fog machine frequency is slow, not so easy to skin. 
The needle to be being washed out gradually, use less and less, but still has its irreplaceable advantages, because it is the arrangement of the shape to make it easy to control and to fit in so many new people at first were the needle. Also, because it is a blunt needle, compares the color saturation, but stitch is too small, not very good Pierce, we can use the following the tips will stitch scatter, scatter to like branch, was in a small area of the color, an unexpected effect. 
2. Tucked round needle: usually sharp this needle, needle and needle spacing is small, with the amount of pigment is small, it is easy to Pierce coloring faster, relatively speaking, it is not easy to skin. Right of secant or small area shape, the details of the secant, if is that as the thickness of the lines from beginning to end, requires the use of secant machine, if it is need to change the thickness of lines, it is recommended to use a fog machine, it is easy to repeat. Do a little details need to use the fog machine, there is a little trick, because the relatively small curl the stitch length of the needle, and paint is not very good, if repeated many times, or easy to skin, at this time, we can use a lighter will burn a tip of the soldering a little, and then immediately quenching in the tincture of iodine, then you will find that the tip have been scattered, scatter degree is you burn the length of time, the need to control. Scattered pinpoint, stitch is large, it would be easier to Pierce, stained with pigment amount is larger, so coloring faster, skin lesions is smaller. 
Generally three needle five fold needle best colored, secant commonly used. And very suitable for white highlights of needle, of course is in a fog machine. 7 pin the arrangement of the most closely, you can have a try, strength and frequency of the same machine in only 7 fold needle most bad color, so, when I use the seven needles generally to boil it. 11 9 needle which can be used to cut thick wire, coarse thread with 9 needle out again to cut, have more thick line, can use a fork or 7 row 5 needle used secant totem manner. 
About the needle, please pay attention to in the next article. 
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