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How to use tattoo supplies

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Friday 30 May, 2014 Written by tattoodiy

When tattooing, tattoo supplies play an important part in tattooing. Now I’d like to introduce some specific tattoo supplies to you.              
Tattoo medical paper tape: The medical paper tape is used to protect the skin as an after care product after tattooing, you need to put the preservative film on the surface of the skin,and then use the paper self-adhesive tape fasten the preservative film on the skin surface. Make sure the medical paper tape is of good permeability, breathable, clean, health, non-stick in hand, no stimulation,no harm to the skin sufrface.

Tattoo anesthetics:It is used before tattooing. You need to wipe your skin before tattoo, in order to sterilize, make your skin tattoo under a clean situation.

Tattoo gloves: The sterile disposable tattoo gloves can protect you from the virous, but you should make sure it is anti-ultraviolet, no direct sunshine, the temperature is under 37 centigrade and it cannot contact with the harsh chemicals.
Stainless steel needle brush: Do you know what it is used for? Well we sometimes use the stainless steel needle mouth to tattoo, so we must ensure that the steel needle mouth is disinfected and clean. The stainless steel needle brush is used to clean the small needle mouth. Should you care more is washing the brush carefully after cleaning, and then put it in the disinfection cabinet.
Tattoo ointment: One basic component in caring for the healing tattoo is an anti-bacterial ointment. It will keep the tattoo area moist, prevent scabs forming, and keep infections away while the skin is healing. The particular brand of antibiotic ointment is not as important as the individual. You should choose the one suitable for
 After tattooing, you ‘d better ask your tattoo artist about how to use it and when to use. Then you will be clear about it and with the right method, the tattoo place will recover soon.
Tattoo ink cup: It is very small, but useful. it used to take various kinds of inks. When you tattoo, different colors can be involved in, so the different kinds of ink cups make it convenient for you to use.
As to rubber bands, rubber nipples, O-rings, they are always be ignored, but a great function they impact.
Up to now, are you clear about tattoo supplies? Maybe they are small and not important as tattoo machine, but they are all necessities, do you think so?

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