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How to use tattoo machine

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Tuesday 13 May, 2014 Written by tattoodiy

Tattooing is an art and requires considerable skill and practice. That's why using a tattoo gun, also known as a tattoo machine, is something that's best left up to the experts, especially since you must be a licensed professional to use one. The modern tattoo machine creates a tattoo by using alternative electromagnetic coils and a needle to implant pigment under the skin. Whether you are a tattoo artist or a person receiving a tattoo, it is important to understand how to use and work a tattoo machine. The instructions are as follows:
Firstly, knowing about tattoo machine. It is actually a hand-held device that allows the artist to embed indelible ink into the skin with a needle. While the original tattoo machines relied on rotary technology, today's devices use electromagnets. There are machines that handle lines, shading, and color and saturation. The liner machine lays the ink onto the skin in a single pass to create the dominant lines of the tattoo. This is typically the first step where an artist will either freehand or use a stencil. Then there is a shader machine that creates black shades or variants to sculpt lines. The color/saturation machine adds color and is used to blend.
Secondly, knowing how to setting up tattoo machine. Put needles into the right tattoo machine, connect tattoo machine and foot pedal into the power supply, then the machine can run with the power and enough voltage. You can control the rate of ink that flows through the needle attached to the machine as you create the tattoo. The machine also has features that help the artist maintain control over needle depth, force of application for the ink, and the speed at which the tattoo is created. Other features are based on whether it is a long stroke or short stroke machine, which adds features related to width, length, stiffness, tension and angles that that artist can create. To get the best quality from the tattoo machine, it's all about the person using it.
Thirdly, there is a significant amount of time that must go into using these machines. A tattoo artist needs to get accustomed to how the ink flows through the machine and how to use it as a tool to draw, blend, color and shade the design into the piece of art that the customer imagined. Beyond skill and mastery of the machine, patience and focus are key traits that a machine just can't produce.
If you are interested in learning how to use tattoo machine, you can put this as a reference, and ask the professional tattoo artists for some advice. You will finally get what you want to.


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