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How to use a tattoo kits minimum damage to the skin

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Thursday 19 March, 2015 Written by tattoodiy
This is a skill that tattooing artist are always pursuing and there is no fixed rules. I will tell you about my use of the experience of the tattoo kits. Please correct it if there is something wrong or insufficient and please join in the talking, thanks!
The best result is to send enough ink to the target place with the least piercing times.
1.the performance stability of the tattoo machine is the key to the success or failure of a tattooing. The damage to the skin is big if the tattoo machine is fast and hard. While the damage to the skin is small if the machine is slow and soft.That is because the stay time is short when the needle return to the tip. In addition, the retraction trip of the former spring is short after it lose the magnetism because it is hard.
so the ink on the needle tip is little, so the ink send to the target place is little. The case of the slow and soft machine is just the opposite
2.Adjust the distance(the distance between the armature and the coil) to the suitable one (3-5mm). Don't use the adjusting screw. Adjust the bending of the spring. The adjusting screw only need to gently touch the top front of the spring. Don't give too much tension to the front spring or it can not play the greatest effect.
The machine will be stable after a period of operation because the steel has its own memory
3 Brand needles are needed. Common ones can't keep a straight line when lining. So a second-time piercing is needed and the skin was hurt. The tattooing of the brand needle is precise. there won't be any scar in the second day
4.For the power supply, Voltage stability, large current strength (at least 1.5 Amperes is better), large adjustable range should be considered. so it will be suitable for different machines and different needle distance.
5.The adjust of the power supply and the distance of the spring decide the power of the machine. try to make the strength small, even the ink can be put on is ok.
The basic thought is adjust the distance of the coil and armature first, then transferred to the minimum power supply, then slowly turn, until it appears a little da da da sound(the power should be larger for the color ones),Then it is almost done (remember to adjust after you put the needles) but not for sure, depends on your practices and habits.
6.Clearly know the color degree when the skin recovered from piercing of different color and tension of the ink, try to pierce one-step to reduce waste piecing.
This requires a strong art foundation and long tattoo experience.
When you can do all above,  it should be almost done , then you need to considerable yourself.
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