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How to shader using the tattoo gun

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Monday 09 December, 2013 Written by tattoodiy

I guess many people who know the tattoo must be not strange for the tattoo gun , which is the main equipment of the tattoo. If you do not have a tattoo gun, you can not do anything. And its main function is to line and shader on the human skin. Generally , after the line, the tattooist use tattoo gun to shader for making the design more complete and more beautiful. Comparing the line, the shader is more complex and difficult to operate. I want to take this chance to share some experience on shader with you. It really paly a important role during your work.

Insert the needle into the barrel of the tattoo gun, through the sanitary tube. Attach the needle bar, using the metal looped end, to the armature bar and tighten the screw. Some artists use a rubber band to hold the needle flat against the back of the assembly so that it does not move when used.

Adjust the sanitary tube. Approximately 1/16 to 1/32 of an inch of needle should be showing. This adjustment is critical because not too much of the needle should be entering the skin. The tube acts like a capillary, moving ink upward and keeping the needles inked. Connect the machine to a power source and press the foot pedal to test the connection. The needle should move up and down freely.

Pour tattoo ink into a sanitary cup and dip the needles into the ink. Start the needle moving and press the needles against the skin along the pattern of the design. This will create a band of color known as shading.

Actually for an experienced tattooist it is just a easy work, but for the starter maybe they really have difficulty doing shader. I just state some simple action during the tattoo. If you want to master tattoo , you must operate the tattoo gun as requested. On in this case, you won’t out of the question and then tattoo a perfect and successful design.

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