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How to set up your tattoo machine

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Monday 04 November, 2013 Written by tattoodiy

Set up tattoo machine is an importanmt procedure for users to tattoo, and there is some instructions for you to set up your tattoo machine:
1 First you should assemble machine and the first step is to set barrel, please look at the tattoo grip  a tube inside it ,on the two sides of the grip there are two screw, the screws is to fix the tube and tattoo tip, you could slap the tube at preferable length inside the grip and fix it by adjust tool like this.
Then fix the tips also at your favorable lenghth, fix it just as the tube.

tattoo machine 1

2 The second step is set up needles ,now you can see from the back of its package, it says  RL RS M1 M2 RM or F, this tell the size of needles
We take one out, and begin to assemble it . two tips when set up needle,
One is please make sure the projection downward.
Second you should not bump the top of needle to any place of the tips and grip so not to dull the needle and lead to painful tattoo.

tattoo machine 2

3 Put a nipple on the armature bar pin.That is where the top of your needle will be connected around. Slap the needles and attach it to the nipple.

tattoo mchine 3

4 Hang needles on the gromments.

After grip is assmebled ok ,we need to adjust the length of needles it comes out. What we can see for this needles is around 1mm to 1.5 mm.When grip and needles are adjust well ,we can screw up the grip.

tattoo machine 4

5 This is the whole step of how to assmeble tattoo machine.

tattoo machine 5

6 Connect the foot pedal, clip cord and power pack to the gun.

tattoo machine6

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