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How to Set up Your Tattoo Machine

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Friday 12 September, 2014 Written by tattoodiy


1. Plug up the power supply in the starter kit. In the back you should plug in the cord that inserts into the outlet from the other end. On the power supply there are two more places to insert wires, it doesn't matter which of the other two cords you put into them, but they should both be plugged in. One cord should go to the pedal and the other should look like a Y.



2. With one of your guns, put a nipple on the armature bar pin. That is where the top of your needle will be connected around.



3. Under the armature bar pin you should see a space for the tube vise. Connect the tube vise with the gun and leave it loose.



4. Get your tube grip and connect it to your tube tip, tighten it well.



5. Drop the needle pointing downwards through the tube.



6. Put the tube up through the tube vise. Push the needle top over the nipple and tighten the tube vise. You can lower the tube so it will cover more or less of the needle.



7. Connect the wires that look like a Y to the gun. One end goes into the screw in the back of the gun and the other one should be inserted right above it.



7. Push the pedal and it should work.

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