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How to select and identify the technology of the tattoo artist?

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Wednesday 16 September, 2015 Written by tattoodiy
Understanding of a customer who want to tattoo artist technical quality is very important, which is most concerned about customers, mainly from the several aspects to identify 
1. Communication, the outstanding artist usually have rich knowledge, after talking to tattoo artist can fully understand your needs and give you a clear explanation; 
2. Is the artist's creative ability, the people who need a tattoo has make public individual character and grade, simply copy is not a good artist, because the tattoo is a technical work, long hours of practice to master the use of tattoo machine, so a good artist must have good art foundation. Meet the needs of each customer unique; 
3. The tattoo on the position, whether natural. This shows a tattoo artist to customers overall planning problem of the skin. Is again good do a pattern in the position of should not do is not good; 
4. Works. Delicate and artistic taste, good writing level is clear, simple sense is strong, bright color full, works, hidden behind the thick culture breath;  
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