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how to quickly find out the cause of the tattoo machine to stop

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Tuesday 26 May, 2015 Written by tattoodiy
If you have a tattoo machine suddenly stopped in the work, first check is the cause of the machine, or a power supply. In another and start the machine, see if it work. If another machine can work, is a sign of the original machine is out of order. You don't need to be repaired right away, you can change another machine to continue to do your tattoo creation. Stop the tattoo to repair the machine operation is definitely not a wise choice, this will let customer dissatisfaction, and doubt about your ability. 
If the new change of machine can't start, there may be a short circuit or open circuit. First check whether clean your contact. If something trip over between them, will damage to the circuit. 
Moving coil is another should not be ignored. If the machine doesn't work, or the machine strength is very weak, that may be the reason for your coil machine. If the coil is broken, you can first take out the frame at the bottom of the two screws, and then replace them, to pay attention to in the coil the bolt washer below its original position. Put on the new coil, at the same time to connect the electric wires to the new coil. If your machine has a capacitance, also need to be replaced at the same time. 
If the machine will stop immediately, just starting or doesn't work, then should check whether there is a screw loose or wire is short circuit. Tattoo machine is quite simple, can adjust easily. Due to frequent vibration when machine is running, easy to loose a lot of parts, parts of screw to adjust or tighten may return to normal. The key lies in the daily maintenance. 
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