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How to Operate a Tattoo Gun

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Tuesday 10 December, 2013 Written by tattoodiy

As a starter, after purchasing a tattoo gun, maybe you also are afraid to operate the tattoo gun. Because it is well known that once design is tattooed on human’s skin harder to clear it. For the tattooist there is no possibility to make mistakes when tattooing. I think you must to have a knowledge about the operation of the tattoo gun. i can tell you some steps to help you start the tattoo career as soon as possible.
1.Draw the tattoo design, backward, onto special thermal tattoo paper. Moisten the skin to be tattooed. Apply the thermal paper to the skin, with the side you drew on touching the skin. Be sure to place the drawing exactly where you want it, and don't move the paper or it will smear. Hold the paper there for a few seconds, then pull away carefully. Your design is now transferred to the skin and ready to be tattooed.
2.Attach a needle to the tattoo machine. How this is attached varies by machine. Usually, the needle will be attached to a tightening screw on top of the gun and tightened
3.Prepare the ink. You can do this by pouring some into a shallow saucer. You may also simply use the ink's container lid.
4.Dip the needle into the ink.
5.Hold the needle close to the skin you are about to tattoo. Press down on the foot pedal to activate the tattoo gun. The needle will begin to move up and down quickly. Bring the needle close to the skin, moving slowly. You only want the needle to pierce the skin by about 1 mm.
6.Continue following the design you have traced, moving the needle slowly as it pierces the epidermis and injects ink into the dermis. Stop periodically to check the course of your design. If you need thicker or more vibrant colors, move the needle more slowly to allow more ink to be injected.

Have you learn the all details? Of cause i think the practice is the best teacher for you. You should use your spare time to improve the skills and establish a good brand,

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