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How to make tattoo ink color bright

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Sunday 28 June, 2015 Written by tattoodiy
With two different texture of the tattoo ink superimposed on the color will be very bright, such as the first fine particles of ink to do the bottom, and then coarse particles will be excellent tattoo ink superimposed. Once the end of the work as secondary done more beautiful color, if you want to seek more gorgeous color to after the tattoo rehabilitation again, through the writings of two end must than an end in the writings of color more gorgeous.
Depth and contrast of the light and dark contrast bright colors, this approach is very useful tips, for example, next to the orange do yellowish, appears yellow is not very bright, and in the black next to do when yellow, yellow will look very bright, cold warm color or hue than according to will contrast degree of the color gorgeous. Such as red and blue adjacent color will be bright, pale yellow and dark green adjacent will more brilliant colors and so on. The way to practice is applied to the art of color knowledge and principle.
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