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How to make black tattoo ink more black

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Tuesday 03 February, 2015 Written by tattoodiy
Black tattoo pigment is made up of many kinds of compounds, in general, the synthesis of black ink is composed of ferric oxide and carbon rod, and pure black ink is made up of magnetite crystals, the iron ore and logwood. Based on accurate and strict controls the black tattoo ink and a trained artist can make it more black. 
1 choose suitable for tattoo black ink, the tattoo ink made of large pigment particles will not into the deep color, but in the surface of the skin will look deeper, like India gold and thales cadbury brand of tattoo ink effects are better, with its black tribal tattoo is good. 
2 choose match your tattoo ink used type of tattoo needle, for example, which contains larger particles of the ink to use medium-sized tattoo needle. 
3 will always hold the tattoo needles at a low Angle, low Angle instead of the vertical Angle, you can print out more deeper levels. At the same time also remember if using low pigment ink, you will spend more time, and need to use a faster tattoo machine. This is because every time low pigment ink in the tattoo into less color. 
4 small ink cap is to be used for black tattoo ink, do not use large, especially for large tattoo. If you've been using the same ink cap, when diluted or add ink, your blood components contaminate ink, cause the ink setting not easily penetrate the skin. 
5 to the others who had managed to tattoo ink black tattoo artist consult, consult the tattoo ink and its producing method, its use by enjoy all kinds of tattoo and consulting experts, industry you will create more dark black tattoo. 
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