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How to make a prefect line in tattoo

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Wednesday 02 July, 2014 Written by tattoodiy
In a tattoo, both lining and shading are very important, and the most important parts in the whole process. So that tattoo machines with high quality for lining and shading are necessities. For you, a tattoo artist or tattoo enthusiast, knowing the machine and how to operating is benefit to you. The importance of line: A perfect tattoo should not only have the good design, but also use the correct way lining. There are many tattoo artists even the professional tattoo artists have the problem that the tattoo line is too swallow. This may be caused by not using the tattoo machine correctly and the wrong way lining. There are some tips you should note: First, when operating, keep your hands steady, the strength and the speed should be uniform. The heavier your strength is, the slower of the speed, the deeper of the color. Or the color will be lighter on the opposite. Second, the needle depth is better between 1mm-1.5mm, should not deeper than 2mm. It usually thorns the head of the base layer of epidermis and the dermis layer. Third, when lining, the needle had better stay vertical with the skin as soon as possible. If this can not be guaranteed, the angle should not reach 20 degree or 30 degree. Forth, keep natural when connecting. When you have a long line, or your hands are moving, the connecting place should be lift slightly until you can see the needle point, then the double line won’t be shown. Fifth, pay attention to the order. You must have follow the order from bottom to top, from right to left. Then the transfer pattern won’t be diluted. Take to tattoo machine: Firstly, learning about tattoo machine material. There are copper material, iron material, bullet material and so on. Finding out the best machine with materials, then it can prevent the machine from breaking. Secondly, learning about tattoo machine types. There are many types of tattoo machines. If you are a beginner, choose the separate tattoo machines which is used only for shading and lining has more advantage to you, for you can control it easier. Also, the size of the machine should be taken into consideration. Thirdly, when you setting up the machine, adjust the spring to touch the connect needle in a right position, and adjust the needle point length is fit the machine too.
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