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How to learn tattoo

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Friday 18 September, 2015 Written by tattoodiy
Painting skills is the basis of the tattoo, master painting skills to master tattoo techniques, this process is the process of brain learn to master hand coordination. 
Tattoo art foundation curriculum includes the following aspects: 
1. The drawings and sketches 
Training is realistic basic skills, understanding of light and shadow, light and shade and modelling ability; 
2. The color 
The world is colorful, understand the composition and principle of colour can better use the color; 
3. Design is on the refining and generalization of natural objects, is a process of abstract thinking; 
4. Design methodology, it is, there are rules, understand the design principle and method can better to complete the design; 
5. Understand the painting history 
Learn about the history of the painting is not only increase the accomplishment, is also the course of the reference; 
Second, the master tattoo techniques 
On with the foundation of painting skills, master the tattoo techniques, tools, tattoo inks and carrier. 
1. To master the performance of the tattoo machine
Tattoo machine is the most basic tools tattoo, mastering it, understand its performance to better use it; 
2. Understand the performance of the pigment 
Can understand the performance of the pigment can skilled application of it; 
3. Understand the skin 
Skin is the carrier of tattoo, how to Pierce the skin and make it be always color, you don't understand it; 
4. Master program and method of disinfection and sanitary 
Tattoo in the price to complete to Pierce the skin, therefore, hygiene and disinfection is a must, it requires strict and rigorous operating program; 
5. Understand the tattoo history 
Learn the history of the tattoo, can find their development direction. 
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