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How to install a tattoo kit correctly

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Monday 25 November, 2013 Written by tattoodiy

Most people have a general grasp of what it takes to do a tattoo, however some incorrect install will cause most problems, such as tattoo machine get too hot, power supplies not work etc. Here is the details for you to set up a tattoo kit.
1. Insert the needle tube into the tube bracket at the bottom of the binding post arm.Tighten the tube clamp by hand to hold the tube in place.                                  

2. Insert the needle into the tube, being careful not to bump the end of the needle against the inside of the tube, as this will dull the needle and lead to a more painful tattoo.                                      

3. Place three rubber bands around the tattoo machine's coils and over the bar of the needle, then secure the eye of the needle around the plastic grommet on the machine.                                                       

4 . Insert the foot control jack into the labeled port on the console box. Plug the AC cord into an electrical outlet. Fill one of the small plastic cups with tattoo ink. Hold the needle tube by the grip and step on the foot control switch to start the gun. Dip the needle point into the cup to refresh the supply of ink.                                                                                                                                     

5. Create a design on real or practice skin. You can do this by free-handing with a gentian violet marker, or by tracing flash or a stencil onto transfer paper. Once the transfer paper has the design, apply a thin coat of the Speedstick deodorant to the skin, and press the transfer paper down firmly and smoothly. Peel off the transfer paper and you will see that the design is now on the skin.

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