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How To Find The Best Tattoo Machine

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Wednesday 03 September, 2014 Written by tattoodiy
Before tattoo machine were invented and introduced to the market, artists used to pull double duties - not only did they try to implement the design on the skin of the subject, they also had to move the needle up and down each and every minute section to ensure that the ink will blend well with the pigments of the skin.
Tattoo machines made things so much easier. Powered by two electromagnetic coils, these tattoo machines move the needle up and down automatically, allowing the artist to focus all his time and attention in faithfully rendering the design. Tattoo machines often come in the form of handheld devices that the user can easily grip and control - hence earning for these items the moniker "tattoo guns."
Planning to purchase one of these tattoo guns? They can easily be procured from an tattoo supply store or reputable internet shops dedicated to tattoo machines and tattoo supply. However, given the variety of tattoo guns available in the market, you need to learn the following guidelines to be able to choose the right tattoo machine for your needs:
1. Choose a tattoo machine that is perfect for your hands. A tattoo machine that's too big or too small will become unwieldy, and in due time, using such a device will prove to be very burdensome. There are tattoo machines that come in a variety of sizes. There is a size that is sure to be the perfect fit for your grip.
2. Choose a tattoo machine that can automate the speed, the depth and the pressure applied by the needle. Tattooing is all about precision, and if you can set this part of craft to autopilot, your job as a tattoo artist will be easier and your design implementation will be more efficient.
3. Choose a tattoo machine that really has 2 electromagnetic coils. Believe it or not, some tattoo machines are still powered by a single electromagnetic coil which will adversely affect speed and depth.
As a tattoo artist, a tattoo machine can become your best friend and your business partner. So choose wisely!
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