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How to distinguish the great tattoo needles

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Friday 18 April, 2014 Written by tattoodiy

How to distinguish the great tattoo needles
 1)the needle pinpoint should not be dark
There are two reasons for causing dark tip. One is pinpoint being oxidized when welding, dust and oxide above it or insanitation.
The other one is that the material of the needle silk is not qualified. Please do not use rusty needle silk. Because the surface of tattoo needle is oxidated with too much acid when welding. When you find the pinpoint is dark,that means it dose not be polished and is not sanitary. Tattoo needles are used for skin ,from the medicine perspective, it could be used after EO disinfection.
2) the requirement for the pinpoint
There will be a triangle between needle and the solder tin, if the triangle is bigger the triangle more easier to absorb ink at the time of secant. And if the ink could work long time, the streak will be more smooth and beautiful. For secant, the line vary with the tattoo image. The secant needle is not round will cause the different secant width. Finally it creates a fail works.It is requested that the rank needle must sharp and are perpendicular to needle bar. If not, all the pinpoint could not touch the skin. Especially the short pinpoint could color the skin even the image is not clear. It is the most important that the arcuated needle have a great radian. However, some informal manufacturers even do not know the function of the arcuated needles when produce them. There is a high standard to the radian of the arcuated needles. As is well known that human skin is flexible and it will left a curve when the needle thorn into skin. So using the rank needle to thorn the skin ,the two sides will thorn deepest leading to uneven color. While using the arcuated needle could prevent this situation happen.
3) the requirement for the needle bar and the needle
Needle bar must parallel to the needle and the bar ranking the needles should be ensured in the middle of the needles. What’s more, there should not be solder tin on the negative side. Because the solder tin would make the needle uneven and swing back and forward.
4) the requirement for the solder tin
Another cautions is that the solder tin should not too deep. In that case the needle do not have the elasticity. The diameter of the needle should be about 1.5mm ,otherwise too wide or too thin both influence the elasticity and hardness. Lastly, the needle bar should be non-magnetic.

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