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How to cooperate with the tattoo machine tattoo needle

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Monday 05 January, 2015 Written by tattoodiy
Tattoo needle is used in the tattoo with the tattoo machine, tattoo needle needs to be effective with the frequency of the machine and hand moving speed rate for tattoo, we know that our tattoo principle is based on the workings of a tattoo machine for transformation, that is to say the tattoo needle number strength out of the speed of the needle is key factor in determining that person's tattoo. Efficiency of the needle is in the tattoo skills I want to talk about, and why the density, because the tattoo of a tattoo needle speed affects the tattoo machine operating point, the arrangement of the circle to move slowly in the arrangement of the needle will form a relatively dense lines, if you move too fast can form drag jie rows of origin, if you're in a place without moving it will form a larger color strong point. Needle is different, not as sharp as round needle can Pierce in the power of the lighter, but different area of strength needed for the tattoo needles, mainly because the general area of the composition of the tattoo needles, the greater the area of the greater the resistance. 
Proper use of tattoo needle is actually according to the requirements of the specific design, a series of matching machine and tattoo hand movement speed for comprehensive adjustment, is not that simple in what type of machines can be so simple to understand. That can mean while you and tattoo masters are using the same machine the same tattoo needle, you may make a tattoo could lesion larger or the effect of different reasons. To understand the function and using method of tattoo needle way is very important, but must need to pay attention to the cooperation. 
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