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How to avoid tattoos fade

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Friday 26 June, 2015 Written by tattoodiy
First of all, to choose a professional tattoo shop to tattoo, why? If the tattoo is not handled properly, there will be a phenomenon of color. For example, beginners tattoo machine will appear improper depth of the tattoo, playing in fog is not symmetry; in the tattoo just completed do not see the flaw, but recovery after the tattoo will appear pale color, no color fading or tattoo.
Secondly, after the tattoo to comply with the tattoo artist told for professional care, if care is not proper, the tattoo recovery process times crusting, useful hand scratching tattoo phenomenon, it will cause crusting people off, and caused the color fade, another original for tattooists use tattoo ink is not up to standard, unqualified will fade.
Finally, tattoo enthusiasts in the tattoo, be sure to note tattoo ink is the key, to choose a good ink, to a professional tattoo shops tattoo, not good ink not only contain substances harmful to human body, also affect the effect of tattoo, the tattoo fade, to the health of the human body is very harmful. Grasp the above points you can get your dream of the best fit for your tattoo design, along with your life's art.
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