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How to adjust the speed of the tattoo gun

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Thursday 12 December, 2013 Written by tattoodiy

Actually it is a tricky thing to adjust the speed of the tattoo gun, and it comes with experience. Because speed of the tattoo gun determines the quality of the design, knowing how to set its speed is necessary for you, no matter you are a starter or an experienced tattooist. Listen to me, i will teach you some experience of setting the speed.

On your liner, there is an old adage of or rule of thumb I should say, it is called dime liner and nickel washer and what that means is when you pull down your armature bar, there is a gap that that appears between your contact screw and the tip of your front spring. You want that gap to be approximately the width of a dime on your liner, and that as I said before is just a basic guideline, that does not mean that it has to be exactly that. But if you can get a dime in there and maybe have it a little tighter than a dime a little looser than a dime is fine whatever works for you. But tighten that down, hit your foot switch, and then just feel the tip of your armature bar. Now that is running entirely too slow so you turn it up a little bit. Some power units have bolted regulator bolt meters on them you can use those I have always just gone by the sound and the feel of the machine and your armature. A speedier machine will also be set as to the thickness or the condition of your customer's skin. If he has got thick tough skin then you are obviously going to have to turn your machine up a bit in order to puncture that skin, if it is on a young lady say on the small of a back or a a hip or somewhere where the skin is really sensitive and thin then you are probably going to want to turn your machine down a bit and not hang so much needle out, but if you have to hang a little more needle out then you are obviously going to have to turn your machine up to keep that needle from hanging up while you are performing your outline. So another rule of thumb is to use the tip of your thumb nail, place your thumb nail under the tip of the armature bar and if it is hurting your thumb nail then it is probably running just a little bit hard, if it does not your thumb nail too bad then you are probably okay. But again you have really got to go it varies from customer to customer if they have got a tough skin like I have said before you are going to have to turn it up a bit, and it is it is really something that is learned over a period of time as you tattoo more and more.

I hope what i said will do you a favor. Maybe you have heard that incorrect speed sometimes cause a damage on the human’s skin. Knowing how to adjust the speed of the tattoo gun will reduce the pain of the customers as much as possible.

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