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How does a tattoo gun work and basic types?

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Thursday 16 June, 2016 Written by tattoodiy

When the tattooer is working, they will stretch your skin, press the foot pedal, the tattoo guns will run the needles up and down as the tattooer passes the tip of the tube over your skin, the needles carry pigment along as they travel and deposit into your skin where it will (hopefully) stay forever.

Two basic types of tattoo machines are:coil machine and rotary machine.

The coil machine:Its loud, rattles itself apart with prolonged use, but has a cultural identification that will never go out of style.Many artists are loyal to this antique, beautiful, elegant, and classic tattoo machine despite its loud buzzing sound, and tendency to need constant maintenance

The rotary machine were not very adjustable or responsive to the skin, consequently they were discredited by industry professionals.


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