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How Do You Use a Tattoo Gun Shader?

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Sunday 15 June, 2014 Written by tattoodiy

Tattoo machines use needles in a set configuration to push ink through the top layers of skin, creating a permanent design. Shaders are needles grouped in a flat arrangement; these needles can provide color over a wide area of the tattoo. Tattooing should be performed only by a licensed and trained professional; in many states, it is illegal to operate a tattoo machine without a license. Using a shader requires basic knowledge of the tattoo machine and the artistic talent to determine which size is appropriate for your design. Setting Up Before beginning your tattoo, review the design. You must be able to envision this in the full size and on the skin in order to select the most appropriate shader needle for your work. In a shader, needles are arranged in a row. Anywhere from three to fourteen needles are attached to the needle bar, creating swaths of color in varying degrees of thickness. Determine what size shaders you will need before beginning. Look at your tattoo machine and determine what type of needle bar is used. The most common is a long bar with needles attached to one end and a metal loop that attaches to the machine at the other. There are several styles of tattoo machine, so make sure you are ordering the correct type of shader. Order your shaders from a reputable tattoo supply company. Most shaders will be sold already assembled and attached to the needle bar; while some artists still choose to create their own, many find it is easier to buy prepackaged tools. They may arrive already sterilized, which saves a step. Needles should never be reused; this is a hazardous practice which can transmit blood borne illness and is illegal in many locations. Once the needles are prepared, take apart the tattoo machine and use an autoclave sterilizer to sterilize each piece. The autoclave should have had a recent spore test to ensure that it is working properly. This will reduce the risk of blood borne illness.

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