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How deep should plunge into tattoo needle

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Friday 19 December, 2014 Written by tattoodiy
Now most of the tattoo artist, secant tattoo needle depth is generally the control at about 1.5 MM to 3.0 MM, tattoo buried needle will be shorter. Buried needle for traditional secant and part of the tattoo artist is general water line, not with ink stained with water only. The depth of the traditional tattoo machine tattoo when fog injection control in 1.5 MM and 3.5 MM or so, secant tattoo needle thin small resistance, so the secant needle shoulds not be too deep, had better use the hang needle secant method for tattoo beginners. Suspension needle secant is transferred to the tattoo needle around 3 MM, but in the inside skin is only 1.5 MM and 1.5 MM leakage outside the needle mouth, doing so will help keep the beginners clear cut to what position the tattoo needle and line. 
Tattoo fog technique and injection 
Tattoo playing fog with secant is just the opposite, usually has a single row of fog with needle, and curved double row needle, needle in the area of the bottom resistance is big, so it is not easy to Pierce the skin, this technique requires the artist long-term practice and more practice and your own tattoo machine to adjust speed, usually play fog of tattoo power supply is bigger than the secant. Unless there is a grain tattoo and portrait tattoo, because the portrait tattoo and Europe and the United States tattoo fog power to adjust a little bit small, best looped, bit by bit to grind, beginners, please bear in mind that portrait of fog is grinding out slowly, not fast typing. 
A fog tattoo 
Do you know, for the traditional plate fog is a bit like that kind of feeling swept the skin with the brush, the flexibility of the needle will also reflect better, good technique used protean stereo effect will appear. As for traditional fog is with the method of the circle, still adopt the method of before pushing completely is to see their habits, both methods can be, but these two kinds of technique result is completely different. 
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