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For the feeling of the tattoo

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Sunday 26 April, 2015 Written by tattoodiy
Tattoo clan refers to infatuation from totem worship through punishment deficit of development process, such as tattoos, tattoo as a kind of art, tattoo as part of the human brilliant history and culture, has been two thousand years. As early as in the original human period, then the ancients will use white clay or fuel draw a texture in the body and face. Its role is beautify yourself, the other is to frighten the enemy. Tattoo is a reflection of primitive society honored totem, and decorative arts. Now has all kinds of tattoo custom all over the world. Many people will think tattoo represents violence, dark and restless, that have a large tattoo on a person is very perverse domineering. But actually tattoos represent only personal preferences, not as a judge personality and character identification. 
Tattoos, art is a kind of behavior 
Tattoo, is a deliberate choice 
The process of tattoo, you have to endure the pain 
You want to have a tattoo, you must pass a tattoo this program 
You must face, more than that - 
Tattoo is a lifetime, once you have determined to tattoo, don't want to regret the day. 
Pain is inevitable. This is you have to bear. 
Strange eyes, do not need to care about other people think about you, the key is how you see yourself. 
Do anything, as long as you make your own decision, must be responsible for their decisions. 
Tattoos are valuable, regardless of the length of time depends on the process, you must endure this process and get what you have a tattoo. 
A good tattoo, not entirely in your decision to make a decision. Of course you want to for reference, design my style to you. Each tattoo division has different style, you come to me, is want to my work, and not want to borrow from my hands and my tattoo machines and tattoo technology to make itself be what you want. If so, the meaning of the tattoo entirely banished. Do you like, for example, a painter and buy his paintings, like a painter with you, but don't buy his work, just want him to help you paint what you want is the same meaning. If the former, he can be called "artist", if the latter, so he can only be called a "painter". 
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