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excellent and professional tattoo power supply

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Saturday 24 May, 2014 Written by tattoodiy

As we all know,tattoo power supply is the core of the tattoo machine,so,the quality of the tattoo power supply is of great importance. But how can we find excellent and professional tattoo power supply?Now,please give me your attention. I will show you some of my company’s products.
Firstly, I will introduce the power box,which is the important part of the tattoo power supply. In our store,there are so many styles that you can chose anyone you want. All of them are stable and can operate any tattoo machine in the market . Nearly most power box will be hot when you use it for some times,but, our tattoo box solves this problem perfectly. So you don’t need to stop your work when you are tattooing. And some of our tattoo boxes are LCD, this can save your time to perceive how long have you been working when you are working. And we also have Hurricane Digital Tattoo Machine Power Supply Kit Simply Version,this is the newest design,it can stop watch ,so you can accurately keep track of time taken on a job. And as to the size, our store also have different design. You can chose any one you like.
Secondly,the foot pedal of the tattoo power supply is worthy to be introduced. It’s one part of the tattoo power supply.Both traditional foot pedal or advanced foot pedal can be seen in our store. The difference is that the advanced foot pedal is wireless. Introducing the cutting edge WIRELESS RECHARGEABLE tattoo power supply with WIRELESS FOOT PEDAL. Equipped with the latest rechargeable battery, this rechargeable power supply can work for up to 8 hours (result varies) before it has to be charged again. Coupled with the wireless foot pedal, this power supply is a must have for portability!
Thirdly,the clip cord of the tattoo power supply is also essential. What’s the feature of he clip core of our company’s tattoo power supply is easy to be installed and you just need to insert your RCA plug into your tattoo machine. So ,it’s easy,right?
The last but not the least,I will show you the power cord of the . Our company’s power cord are humanized. For direct at different county’s consumer ,we have different design. You can chose any one according to your habit and your country’s trend.
What’s more ,concerning on the above tattoo power supply, you don’t need to concern about the quality,because, we are all in strict accordance with the standards.

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