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Essentials to Know about Tattoo Kits and Supplies

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Friday 25 April, 2014 Written by tattoodiy

Tattoo kits are a splendid way to prepare for your first tattooing experience. From beginner’s kits to professional kits, there are plenty of different varieties available in the market lately. A common mistake most of the people do is to search for a provider selling tattoo supplies and purchasing a machine, power supply, and a few needles. However, once after it, they soon will realize that there are pretty much more things required for successful tattooing.

It is not just the novices, by many professional tattooing experts also tend to make some mistakes like this. In case of choosing tattooing as your career, it is best to discuss the needs with a competent tattoo supplies company who can recommend you the tools and accessories needed in the tattoo kits for a professional endeavor.

Things to consider

On purchasing a tattoo kit, even at basic level, you need to check for a good kit, which contains all the needed safety and medical supplies in it. You may need nitrile gloves and the sharps collector, which will collect the tattoo needles and grips for proper disposal. There should also be a surface disinfectant as Cavicide, which is a high-grade cleaner to avoid hepatitis, TB, HIV and herpes. Also note that many of the now available tattoo kits are selling the inferior OEM brand inks, which is of very cheap quality. Always choose the best quality inks, not just to enhance the quality of tattooing, but also in the best interest of the health of your clients.

Steel tattoo grips vs. disposable grips

The very important aspect to be considered while purchasing tattoo kits is about the grip you are going to use. There is an increasing demand for disposable grips and single-use tattooing needles, in order to cut off the risk of cross-contamination among the users. There are advantages of disadvantages for both steel and disposable grips. Steel grips offer a better balance, cost effectiveness with reusability, and more importantly vibration dampening. As the downside, you have to always take care of the risk of contamination with thoroughly soaking and sterilizing (autoclave) the device. Convenience and safety are the major advantages of disposable grips; however you have to cope up with the vibrations a bit to do the task skillfully. However, disposable is always preferable over the other nowadays.

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