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Eight tattoo tip

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Wednesday 29 April, 2015 Written by tattoodiy
Skills 1: the use of transfer paper pattern size, good copy transfer pattern, according to the size of the tattoo, the transfer pattern is cut into a circle, then cut into radial around the pattern in a certain distance, and then transfer printing, the advantage: to transfer printing design comfortably on the heat transfer area, will not wrinkle. Don't cut short note: paper-cut design line. 
Skills 2: use baby oil instead of vaseline pattern line when the secant set figure, don't use vaseline use baby oil, coated with a thin layer of secant is very good. 
Three skills: secant strike when fog how to prevent the tattoo needle mouth inkjet 1, fixed rubber aprons. 2, with round needle with the tin interface outwards, and then gently to bend a little radian, tiejin needle mouth to ok. 3, tattoo needle needle when loading and round tin interface in the opposite direction, then bent a little radian tiejin needle mouth, too. 4, choose proper needle mouth, don't too much than of needle. Don't try inkjet 
Four skills: draw on the skin of the pen in the tattoo equipment have such professional pen, but I'm not used to use, because small line is bad So I'm in the actual operation in a variety of different performance. Final selection on the market small neutral ball-point pen {no health problems and found no adverse reaction and allergic phenomenon} operation: the skin the skin after strict disinfection, alcohol and dry, and then prepare cardboard, drawing on the skin, when the pen is not water, drawing on board, can continue to use. 
Tips 5: tattoo needle reuse, don't be afraid of the repetition is for the same person Although it is a one-time use disposable, but due to the complexity of figure and the improvement of technical difficulties, many figure can not be completed a one-time, some needles in just a few times, threw a strange but also use next time, don't throw and not health, how to do A good way to tell you: in the experimental equipment sales shop is suitable for the size of tube and tube frame, then the number, the number one, the same people used needle without damage, after cleaning and high temperature sterilization, the bottom of the tube in cotton wool, and then injected into a moderate amount of alcohol put the needle in, remember the number and the corresponding people, use next time accordingly. 
Skills: six women's chest and waist of the figure, the waist of the set figure to stand in the natural {often pose} posture, especially some symmetric figure, due to the extension of the waist of standing and sitting pattern is changed a lot It is important to note that; Chest must be good to consider whether or wear a bra or wear bra lines, because their grain result difference is very big. 
Skills 7: tattoo gun, long work top silk and shrapnel, contact oxidation and pollution directly affects the normal operation of tattoo gun, if too late to remove the cleanup, you prepared a small piece of mesh's fine sandpaper, then smooth folded in half, encountered such a situation, at the top of the shell and the silk gently friction between contact a few times then blowing clean arene tattoo gun will work properly. 
Technique 8: power supply transformer} {15 v tattoo power supply must distinguish is imported, see if import don't be fooled by the appearance of the machine. Import and export of machinery usually have formal import and export of the instruction. 
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