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Dose tattoo machine hurt your skin?

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Thursday 11 September, 2014 Written by tattoodiy
I know many people think like me that tattoo is painful and suffering. And lots of friends around me being asked that will the tattoo machine do harm to our skin. There is no doubt that everything piercing into skin must cause some damage to the skin. So i also do not want to cheat you the tattoo machine dose not hurt you skin. Dear friends, when you read here maybe you intend to give up the idea of the tattoo. Actually the truth is not what as you might think. My reasons are given as follows.
When you tattooing, the user handle the tattoo machine work on your skin. The needle will piercing into skin and ink is injected. Generally the tattoo depth is the dermis, which is the second layer of the skin. Only the ink go deep the skin the tattoo design could be permanent and not lose its colors. The needles and the ink are both have a direct relation with your skin. The tattoo needle is piercing the skin at around 10~15 needles per second. The speed is control by the user of the tattoo machine. This sensation just like the injection, not only one but many needles. I think almost everyone have a injection from his or her born. That means every could bear this feelings including yourself. And the skin started to heal after the tattoo within 7~10 days. There is not left any scar on the surface of the skin. 
In other case, the needle maybe cause blood. It remind you of the tattoo machine infecting disease, such as HIV. I am afraid that your worry is redundant. Because the tattooist must clean the tattoo machine after tattoo. During the tattoo process, they also wear the disposable gloves to prevent the bacterial spreading. What is more, someone think that tattoo machine hurt their skins because of tattooing improper part. Many girl prefer to tattoo on their fingers or ankles. Because they think these parts are entice and easier to be shown. But for the tattooist it is difficult to control the speed and the depth of the tattoo machine. The finger skin is too thin to tattoo deep, there is high standard for the tattoo machine. That means the tattoo machine is easy to handle and work on. So i suggest that customers do not choose these parts to tattoo. Actually it is not the tattoo machine hurt you but yourself.
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