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Do you know how to set up tattoo kit?

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Sunday 12 January, 2014 Written by tattoodiy

Many people start to learn tattoo because its permanent and lifetime. Not only this art could bring them enjoyment, but also they could earn much money from it. However you just know tattoo is fun and profitable, i think it is difficult for you to open a tattoo shop. After all if you want to treat tattoo as your career , there is far enough to have interest in it. You also should have deep understanding with this industry and the tattoo equipment. To the point of view of a n experienced person, a set of tattoo kit really could help you a lot.however if you want to buy a set of tattoo kit, but there are not complete instructions to tell you how to set it up. You feel overwhelmed about assembling all the components that tattoo need.The machine is the main component of the tattoo kit, and it is also the least obvious to get set up.

Setting up the components of your tattoo kit
1.Take the tube from its package and insert the end into the slot on the front of the tattoo machine, using the thumb screw to secure it in place. Wear gloves to assemble the machine.
2.Insert the needle into the tube, being careful not to bump the end of the needle against the inside of the tube, as this will dull the needle and lead to a more painful tattoo.
3.Place three rubber bands around the tattoo machine's coils and over the bar of the needle, then secure the eye of the needle around the plastic grommet on the machine.
4.Plug in the power supply, connecting all the pieces to one another with their various wires. You will be able to tell which wire goes where because tattoo kits come with wires that each have a differently shaped head for the differently shaped acceptors. Attach the red and black leads to the small holes in the back of the tattoo machine. It does not matter which of the red and black leads from the power supply is attached to which hole.
5.Turn on the power supply and depress the foot pedal as you gradually turn up the dial on the power supply until the tattoo needle freely buzzes up and down in its tube. To check, put your finger under the grommet that holds the eye of the tattoo needle. If the machine bogs down or gets too slow when you do this, turn the power dial up farther until the machine can handle a little bit of resistance.
6.Pour ink into the ink caps resting in the holder, planning which colors you will use and putting each color in a different cap.
7.Create a design on real or practice skin. You can do this by free-handing with a gentian violet marker, or by tracing flash or a stencil onto transfer paper. Once the transfer paper has the design, apply a thin coat of the Speed stick deodorant to the skin, and press the transfer paper down firmly and smoothly. Peel off the transfer paper and you will see that the design is now on the skin.

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