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Difference between the stand or fall of tattoo machine (b)

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Saturday 18 April, 2015 Written by tattoodiy
4, secant tattoo machine and fog tattoo machine in performance have what characteristics? 
Answer: the secant tattoo machine: requirement is fast and back out of the needle is fast, so as not to hang the skin! The requirement of fog machine is different, according to the habit of each tattoo artist! This, is that all the production machines can't do! In general are our people in accommodating the machine (speed, strength, flexibility, speed and flexibility, related to users under the decisiveness of the needle, strength the relationship with the user's habits. 
5, how to debug a new tattoo machine? 
A: any new machine can only minor adjustments, its fundamental nature, as early as it is the factory has been qualitative!! Fine tuning. This with clearance, have a direct relationship. Shell strength. 
6, how to determine and test out the length of the needle? 
Answer: according to the habit of each, and the guest's skin nature! Skin is thicker than the asians, europeans in some deeper, it is also a foreign artist pursuit of why the machine bounce space is large 
7, tattoo machine in use after a period of time, contact will be wear and tear, tattoo machine power and performance will decline, and how to solve this problem? 
A: when not in use, loosen the damping aprons, so that we can avoid the change of the power! Then there is, if the contact will wear and then use the new notes between contact point and promptly pull back and forth a few times can!! . 
8, why there are all-in-one and fission machine? 
A: can be one of the (double shell can be achieved in one integrated)! But most of the tattoo artist will choose to use different function of the machine! Is the so-called line machine and fog machine, fog machine can be used to secant, after add a shrapnel can limit device. 
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